Welcome to Chicagoscapes. These photos are a result of several trips I made to the Windy City between 1992 and 1998. In my opinion, Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world, from its magnificent skyline to its world-famous museums to its extensive variety of culture. With the exception of my beloved Philadelphia, Chicago is the only other city in which I would want to live. To view a pic at its full size, click on the smaller version of it. To get back here, click on your browser's back button.
One aspect of nature that has always piqued my curiosity is the sun. While sunsets are beautiful, I tend to prefer sunrises. The sunrise signals the beginning of the day, the beginning of life in itself. And while seeing the sun rise over the Atlantic is the best, seeing it rise over Lake Michigan is a damned good substitute. These two pics were taken along the lakeshore near the North Ave. Beach in July 1995. Three of my friends and I had driven up to Chicago late in the evening one night, and arrived around 3am. My friend Paul just HAD to see the sun rise over the lake. Seeing as the weather was nice, the sun rises in the eastern sky (at least in myth), and Lake Michigan borders Chicago on its east edge, it made for nice pics.
Speaking of Lake Michigan, it is probably the most famous attraction in Chicago...even more popular than the Sears Tower. The 2 pics at left I took during my first real trip to Chicago in July 1992. I had went up there during a trip with my Explorer post, and for the first 2 days, we stayed at Indiana Dunes State Park. Indiana Dunes is about 30 minutes west of Chicago in Hammond, Indiana. The place has massive sand dunes and the beautiful beach that you see here. In the pic on the right, if you view it at full size, you will see the smokestacks of Gary, 10 minutes away. To the right (and not in the pic) is the Chicago skyline. Behind me is a nuclear power plant, but I didn't see any three-eyed fish while there, and I have yet to grow an extra appendage. ;-) The one at right was taken at Navy Pier in March 1998 and the view is looking southeast.
And who can resist a gorgeous skyline? Just the very sight of the skyline as I come into Chicago makes me excited and nearly weepy. Left: June 1997 Right: July 1995
The Sears Tower was the tallest building in the world until recently...and some say it technically still is. Still, at nearly a quarter of a mile high, it is impressive! I took this pic laying down across the street from it for a different viewpoint. (March 1998)
Anyone a Local H fan here? Anyone own their CD "As Good As Dead?" If you have the CD, these two pics may be familiar to you. The band hails from the north suburb of Zion, which borders Wisconsin. And yes, Fritz's Corner is an actual tavern. Quiet town. Boring as all hell and in the middle of nowhere! (June 1997) Speaking of Wisconsin, this is the welcome sign as you enter northbound on Interstate 94. Regrettably, the rest area did not offer free bratwursts or cheese. (June 1997)
I've always been a fan of sculpture...these two pieces caught my eye while walking about. The one at left is at Navy Pier, the one at right is in front of the 92-story John Hancock Tower. (February 1998)
The next three are a combination of street scenes and points of interests. At left, is the intersection of Lasalle and Clark, near Lincoln Park. In the background at left, you can see the Hancock Tower. (May 1997) In the center is the Museum of Science and Industry, one of the most popular museums in the United States. Cheap, interesting, and amazing! I was standing on the overpass at Lake Shore Drive and 57th Street when I took this. (July 1992) And on the right is the entrance to the University of Illinois at Chicago. This view is just as you step off the Blue Line at Halsted St. UIC is in the heart of the city, but this picture gives the university a bit of majesty. (May 1997)
My last photograph features a break from the urban sprawl. This picture was taken at the Cook County Forest Preserve in Tinley Park, about 30 minutes south of Chicago. There are actually several of these preserves in Cook County (of which Chicago is the county seat). Most of these areas have fishing lakes and walking trails. It's beautiful in the spring and summer...and nice weather helps too! The preserves are like oases in the urban jungle. (May 1998)
Photographs by T L Blastenbrei (c) 1992, 1995, 1997, 1998 Screaming Notebook Publishing These photographs may be copied as long as you acknowledge the source.