NOTE: These cities are grouped by how familiar I am with them. Only cities with over 100,000 people are listed in this section. In parentheses are the dates I last visited each city. TIER 1: I know them like the back of my hand. Philadelphia (every day) St. Louis (June 2001) Chicago (March 1999) Washington, DC (January 2002) TIER 2: I'm pretty familiar with them, but could use more familiarity. Baltimore (January 2002) Springfield, IL (March 1999) Arlington, VA (January 2002) Alexandria, VA (September 2000) New York City (July 2002) TIER 3: I've driven through them, or I can say I've been within the city limits, but couldn't tell you much about them. Springfield, MO (June 1995) Memphis (July 1995) Peoria, IL (late 1998) Rockford, IL (January 1998) Indianapolis (August 1999) Columbus, OH (August 1999) Richmond, VA (May 2000) Norfolk (May 2000) Virginia Beach (May 2000) Newark, NJ (July 2002) Providence (August 2000) Boston (August 2000) Portsmouth, VA (May 2000) Gary, IN (July 1992) Elizabeth, NJ (September 2001) Bridgeport, CT (August 2000) New Haven, CT (August 2000) Chesapeake, VA (May 2000) Hampton, VA (May 2000) Newport News, VA (May 2000) Joliet, IL (March 1999) Jersey City, NJ (July 2002)