A note to the conservative, marriage-shielding types: Gays and lesbians are NOT going anywhere!!! Now then...some of us may not understand why there are some people out there that desire a member of their own sex for intimacy and partnership. There is no need to understand. The Bible-thumpers will find quotes from the book in order to solidify and justify their point-of-view. Ah yes....you can pretty much interpret and use the Bible to make your case on almost anything. It may be the most important book in the world, but it is also the most abused. Who knows why I am attracted to women? Who knows why some men are attracted to other men? Is there even really a need to figure that out? Not really. Homosexuality has been around since the dawn of time. In the past 20 years, it has become more "accepted" by some of society. Gays and lesbians are no more different than you or me. They do the same things we all do. They look no different than you or I really. They have wants, needs, and fulfillments. And if they desire the company of a person of the same sex, then who am I to stop them? And the biggest question of all, to those that think being gay is a choice: WHY OH WHY would you CHOOSE to be gay??? Do you think people want the stigma of being unable to marry their partner, the horrible degradation and violence by the militant, the stigma of not being able to be like a straight couple in public??? You think that someone would WANT that??? Hell no! And to those who say, "Oh, I have no problems with gays as long as they don't flaunt it.": When I hold hands with Rho or kiss her in public, I am flaunting my sexuality as are the rest of you that do these things. Every time we see sex and passion on TV, heterosexuality is being flaunted. Because it's "normal." So, why can't gays and lesbians be allowed the same token? Ever notice how lesbianism seems okay with some out there? I myself don't mind seeing two females going at it. Yet, apply that to gay guys and the tables turn. Gays and lesbians are slowly receiving equal treatment in this country. Disney gives benefits to partners of gay employees. Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts, one of the most respected Congressmen in this country, is openly gay. Progress is being made, but, like racism, not fast enough. It is estimated that possibly 10% of our nation's population is gay. That's over 27 million Americans. They are indeed everywhere...and it's time we treated them like anybody else.