Each day I sit, longing to see the face
The face that brings me untold joy
The face that wipes out all my doubt
The face that makes my heart smile

Each day I pray, for the day I can hold the hand
The hand that stirs my pulse
The hand that makes my senses come alive
The hand that fits perfectly with my own

And each day, I live for the embrace
The embrace that makes me whole
The embrace that eases my loneliness
The embrace that settles my soul

I truly cherish these for they are few and far between
But to have them to close to me every day 
Would only make me want them even more than I do now
But I know I must wait

I will bide my time
I will laugh at the calendar
I will pray for my day
When God reduces the distance

written by T. L. Blastenbrei
(c) 1998, 1999 Screaming Notebook Publishing