She's losing her mind
Children die 'cause of food they can't find
Nations struggle to be free
The world lies on the brink of insanity

One by one
'Til we're all done

Now it's time to take a stand
Watch out 'cause it's all gonna hit the fan
No one cares, can't you tell?
Someone save us, we're all on a course for hell

Sinister minds are in control
The population is down in a hole
The powers that be have us in a depression
We gotta fight and break the oppression

(guitar bridge, directly to next verse)

The rich stay rich, the poor stay poor
My soul is trampled, my heart is a worthless whore
The oceans grow black
The earth's dying, she's having a heart attack

Now were in sh*t that's getting too high
We plead, we scream, we beg, we cry
The situation's getting grimmer
The light of hope keeps getting dimmer

Written by T L Blastenbrei
(c) 1993, 1998 Screaming Notebook Publishing