sombra=shadow (Spanish) I started the Sombra Gallery in December 1998 to show off the photography I had done since the mid-90s. While I started taking pictures in high school, I didn't really get into it until I moved to Cape Girardeau, Missouri to attend college in August 1994. Being in a small town and surrounded by the Ozark Mountains, I decided to start taking scenic pictures, or stuff that I found interesting in general. Although I take lots of different photographs, my preference leans toward cityscapes. I am not a professional photographer in any sense of the word, nor do I use "professional" equipment. About the only other equipment I use, besides a basic 35 mm camera, is a scanner, which allows me to crop large photos or cut out unsightly blemishes. All pictures in the Sombra Gallery are "as is"--no enhancements. I may take a few photography classes at the Community College of Philadelphia in the winter to learn how to develop photographs. In addition, my girlfriend Rhoda is a freelance photographer, so I get "guidance" on that end. ;-) My ultimate hope is that people will see what I see through the camera lens--to appreciate the essential nature of the photograph. But if someone finds something that I did not see in the photograph, then that is enlightenment. Questions, comments, suggestions? e-mail me. All photographs contained herein are copyrighted. Please see each exhibit for specific republication information.