It never failed to happen in each of my 4 years of high school... Every English teacher I had in high school would say at some point in the year, "Terry, you should really think about being an English major in college." That was not going to happen, as at the time, I had other aspirations. Nevertheless, I've been writing stories and poems since I was a young child. In the late 80s and early 90s, I was inspired by hip-hop and would make silly attempts to write raps. As the "grunge era" unfolded in 1992, I felt compelled to form a band, with myself as the singer and lyricist. This would lead to formation of the musical project dubbed Sycamore. In fact, some of the poems here were originally written as songs for Sycamore, as they have a verse-chorus type of setup. Although the musical aspirations diminished, I continued to write general poems. In 2000, I discovered the International Library of Poetry, which publishes poems on both their website and in anthology books. Apparently, I've been published in a few of these books (although I have personally never seen them). I still write today, and am now thinking of making it a bit of a career. We'll see... You'll get 50,000 definitions on what poetry is, but I think those definitions lean more toward dictating what poetry is supposed to be. To me, poetry is writing that comes from the heart, which leaves it open to a wide spectrum of possibilities. I don't believe that it has to have rhyme or meter, as e.e. cummings has shown us. It's about opening up and making a point on paper. It can be sinister or eloquent, rough or light, so long as it is coming from the heart. All copyrights are noted on each work and may not be copied or republished without permission of the author. DISCLAIMER: Some of these poems contain strong language and delicate subject matter. Reader discretion is advised. If you wish to learn more about how a particular poem came about, feel free to e-mail me. NOTE: When you choose a poem and hit the "Go!" button, it will appear as a popup box over the menu. When you're finished reading, close the popup box, as a new box pops up for each poem.