(This is a complementary piece to my essay on the Christian Right) God is subjective... I have a firm belief that there is a God...and if not a God, then certainly a higher power. There are so many religions and beliefs out there. No matter how much you may think so, there is NO one set of beliefs that is RIGHT. I myself was raised a Catholic, went to Catholic grade school and high school. However, I have never attended Mass on a regular basis. I am at odds with the Catholic Church over issues such as abortion, birth control, and women in the priesthood. However, I still believe in the main principles of Catholicism: That Jesus is the son of God and that at the Last Supper, we ate of His flesh and drank of His blood (symbolically of course). Jesus Christ is the founder of the Church. I look at being Catholic as the least of all evils among religions. We can gamble (Bingoes are VERY big money makers for parishes), we can drink (we drink wine at Mass and beer is in heavy supply at bingoes), and if we are truly sorry for what we do, then we will be cleansed in purgatory and go to heaven-- it's almost like an automatic trip without even paying for it in greenbacks! =) Seriously. However, you are free to subscribe to whatever religion you wish. I will respect you highly for it and will be willing to hear you out. In turn, I will expect the same of you. Furthermore, I will not cram my religion down your throat and will expect the similar courtesy. Understanding is something that seems to be missing from everything these days, ESPECIALLY religion. God is God is God...whatever you subscribe to a religion, a naturist theory or whatever. A higher power is out there looking over us... and it's not just the government. =)