's only been 2 days since my last post. Let's hope I will truly keep up with this.
God, could you please find it within you to forgive the Philadelphia media for their coverage of the upcoming Eagles-Rams game this Sunday? They know not what they do...
The Job Front: I just finished a week of taking tests for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To be honest, I don't think I took them as seriously as I should have. To get a job with the State would be a great gig. But I simply didn't get enough rest in the nights before these tests, and was restless in taking them. If I do not get good scores on these tests, I have no one to blame but myself. I still hate looking for a job...but if you are looking for a new job like me, here are a few quick links for you to check out: Net-Temps If any of you know of some other good national jobsites, please send them my way via e-mail. Oh, one other thing! If you click on a link within one of the popup boxes, a new browser window will open, so that you will not get trapped within the boxes.
Perspectives: Tired of reading the same old news all the time? Ever wonder how other countries report on OUR country? Check out the BBC and CBC.
In the CD player: Living Colour--Pride (Greatest Hits) Jamiroquai--A Funk Odyssey Depeche Mode--"Freelove" single
Self-betterment: I've been striving to listen to lots of different music lately, primarily through CBC Radio One and Two. I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable person when it comes to music, yet there is so much out there that has never graced my ears. And I like diversity...without it, music would just suck. I mentioned Brand New Waves a few days ago, but if you're looking for some good classical or traditional music, check out Northern Lights, which is on M-F late evenings on Radio One, and M-F early mornings on Radio Two.
Syc, what the hell is up with your Canadian obsession, eh?: I don't know what it is about our northern neighbors. They are much like us, yet unique. Canada just looks like a beautiful place to visit. I haven't been there yet, but Rho and I keep talking about going up there soon...I hope within the next year or two. And no offense to NPR here in the States, b/c I listen to them on occasion. But I generally listen to music online late at night, and CBC has some great programming in the late evening/early morning. I like to learn about new places and people. And it's not limited to Canada. I have a bunch of newspapers from across the US in my bookmarks. Sometimes, I like to see what is going on in another city. When the WTO protests occurred in Seattle a few years back, I found the Seattle Times to be a great reference. I also have a bunch of network affiliates in my head for reference as well. We live in a great age. An age in which I can find out what is going on halfway across the world in a mere matter of minutes. Something that was impossible just 10 years ago. Nothing substitutes being there, but at least I can get a feel for things while typing at my table here in Philadelphia.
And now, I quit typing. posted by sycamore 1/25/2002 at 4:55am EST