All glory and honor to the RAMS!!! We beat the Patsies at we'll beat 'em in a dome!!! Okay, that was a bit ignorant. I can't help it though. I'm so proud of the Rams...and I'm so happy that I can cheer for football finally. I didn't have much to cheer about during the Cardinals' time in St. Louis, or during the first five years of Rams football. I'm happy for the Patriots though. A good story, much like the Rams story of 1999. I don't think the Pats can pull it off though...and I'm trying not to be biased here. ;-)
I read the online versions of the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald today. So far, no trash talking. Rho and I are thinking that we might not see much of it this time. Boston is a relatively friendly city. Although boisterous, the Boston fans seem to be a bit more low-key than their Philadelphia bretheren. God, I hope so. I am so glad that the Eagles are out of it. Now the media here will probably start ragging on the Phillies, who start spring training in a few weeks.
The Job Front: With February approaching, this is generally the time when the temp agencies start warming up again. I hope it works to my advantage. I wouldn't mind doing temp work for a bit, just to try something different. As far as permanent positions, I've been applying for social work positions. It's my educational background. And I think it's something in which I would be good. It's something that I at least want to try.
Nothing in the CD player at the moment. Been playing a lot of PlayStation these days. I don't have very many games, but five of them are less than 2 months old. Here's what I've been playing: FIFA 2002: I've always been a fan of soccer, but more so since moving to the East Coast. I had FIFA 2000, but was somewhat disappointed with it b/c you couldn't play a season with Major League Soccer. Now, you can, although they removed a few of the European leagues. Overall, a good game. Madden 2002: My Xmas present from Rho. It really hasn't changed much over the past 2 years, other than the team rosters. My one big complaint: If you use franchise mode, it just goes on "as is"--that is, it doesn't incorporate the Houston Texans for next season, nor does it allow you to realign the divisions as they will be next least not that I can figure out yet. I'm going to keep trying. HBO Boxing: I believe this game is a few years old now...I got it as a Xmas gift from my boss. Overall, it's pretty good. It features a lot of the greats of boxing, like Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, and Marvin Hagler. Two of the notables that are missing are Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. I created a heavyweight fighter, and made my way to the Hall of Fame, with a 56-9-0 (56 KO) record. I'm currently fighting as a middleweight, with a 45-4-0 (45 KO) record.
Another great show on CBC Radio Two: "Radio On," with host David Wisdom, 12-4am early Sunday and Monday mornings. Very similar to the show "Brave New Waves," though more quirky, and with less hip-hop. Excellent show...the host is a bit dorky, but knowledgeable.
That's it for the moment. posted by sycamore 1/29/2002 at 12:10am EST