Pigskinland: I've been trying to keep up with the Boston Globe and Boston Herald all week. Overall, I'm rather satisfied with their coverage, as I am with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Good solid coverage, with some friendly trash- talking. I can dig that. Now then...BRING IT ON! RAMS BABY! YEAH!!! :-)
The Job Front: Ha! I am telling you. Once I get a new job, it better be the best damned job on the planet. I am so damned done with looking at 20 or so job sites EVERY day!
Road Trip: I don't get out much these days, but with nothing to do on Tuesday, Rho and I hopped in Putt-putt (our Geo Metro) and hit the highway. We headed north towards Wilkes-Barre and Scranton on the NE Extension of the PA Turnpike. The road itself isn't all that hot, but the scenery along the route is absolutely gorgeous. The original plan was to take the backroads home to Philadelphia, but I decided to keep driving along I-80 East...and Rho and I wound up at Times Square in New York City. This was my first time actually driving through Manhattan...and let's just say I don't plan to do it again for a while. :-) I have driven several of the interstates that make their way through the 5 boroughs, but never actually along the streets of Manhattan. I had a bus pull in front of me, making a left turn from a right lane...need I say more? In any case, New York City seems to be getting back to its old self. Times Square was packed, and taxis and buses lined 42nd St. And of course, ignorant ass people honking their horns in the middle of a traffic jam...knowing damned good and well that they ain't going anywhere for a while. Yep...back to normal. I also sorta got lost. Manhattan isn't too difficult to figure out...the streets go up in number from S-N, the avenues go up in number from E-W. But somehow, I missed an exit ramp on FDR Drive...and wound up in the Bronx. Eeek! Then, instead of taking the Long Island Expressway through Queens, I wound up driving the Grand Central Parkway around Queens, wasting about 20-30 minutes. Then, we stopped on Staten Island for a pit stop... and got lost there too. Eventually, we righted ourselves, and made our way back to Philadelphia via the NJ Turnpike. All in all, a good trip. A nice diversion from "Texas Justice" and the neverending job-hunting saga.
In the CD player right now... Jars of Clay--Jars of Clay Local H--Pack Up the Cats Jamiroquai--A Funk Odyssey
Politics: Just a few quick thoughts... --I think Osama bin Laden is probably dead. --I think the Bush administration is hiding something about the Enron collapse. --Al Gore has returned to public speaking. Is he ready to do battle again? I say yes.
That's it for now. God, these sputterings have been so damned boring. Sorry for wasting your time. Hopefully, my babblings will improve momentarily. posted by sycamore 2/3/2002 at 01:17 EST