Quiero decir algo en español por un momento. No sé por qué...
After 48 seasons, today was the last day for basketball at Cole Field House at the University of Maryland. Beginning next fall, the Terps will play at the new Comcast Center. Fortunately, it will not go the way of the wrecking ball. Speaking of new names...I wonder when our own F.U. Center will become the Wacko Center.
New Jersey DOES have its good points: New Jersey is easy to pick on. Lord knows I do it enough. But the place does have some redeeming qualities. Like gasoline. NJ is one of only 2 states where the gas stations are full-service only (Oregon is the other state). I'm not sure why it is this way in NJ, although I have heard it is because the gas station attendants are unionized. (Though on the news this past week, they were talking about gas stations going self-serve.) In addition, NJ has some of the lowest gasoline taxes in the US. Friday, I got a full tank of regular unleaded full-service in NJ for $1.01 a gallon. The gas station near my house in Philadelphia is charging $1.07 a gallon for self-serve unleaded. And now, let us talk about one of my favorite subjects: alcohol. I need to give a shoutout to Roger Wilco. Roger Wilco consists of two locations, both on NJ Route 73, just across the Tacony Bridge from Philadelphia (there is one on each side of the highway). We went to the location in Pennsauken, on the eastbound side of the highway. First off, the selection is simply awesome. Lots of beers from all over the world, including microbrews. Also, an extensive selection of liquors and wines. And the prices...well, here's an example: 6 pack of Michelob Amber Bock in Philadelphia--$8.99 At Roger Wilco--$5.29 12 pack of Bud Light bottles in Philadelphia--$11.99 At Roger Wilco--$8.99 40 ounce of Bud Light in Philadelphia--$2.89 At Roger Wilco--$2.09 The liquor prices are also lower. It is definitely worth the $2 toll if you are buying stuff for a party. Plus, they're open on Sunday. I myself purchased some Young's Oatmeal Stout from London. It was pretty good, except for the fact that it was 3 months beyond the recommended date. Oh, and lastly, the original purpose of going to NJ-- White Castle. The two in the city of Philadelphia closed sometime in 1999. The closest one to us now is in Pennsauken, NJ. mmmm...*drools*
Fun in driving: Cloverleaf interchanges seem to be going the way of the dinosaur. However, they can still prove extremely useful sometimes. Friday, I was driving over to the temp agency to pick up my paycheck. I was driving south on Route 1 and took the eastbound Street Road exit. As I was on the exit ramp, I realized I went the wrong way. No problem. I just took the Route 1 north exit, followed by the Street Road west exit. If that exit hadn't been a cloverleaf interchange, it would have been a pain in the ass to turn around. Plus, I'm easily amused.
Quick Quips Holy s**t! There's a Quizno's at 30th Street Station here in Philadelphia! Oh my god...they make Subway taste crappy! Man, I haven't had Quizno's in almost 3 years. The government encouraging people to marry...hmmm, I'll have to strongly protest that by not marrying Rhoda. You know what? I want a fur coat. I don't know why, but that would just be pimpin'. There is a pay-per-view event on this coming Friday night. Depeche Mode--One Night in Paris. It's a film of their Paris concert late last year. They must be high if they think people are going to pay for it. And like morons, Rho and I will probably spring for it. Wow...Alanis Morissette seems to get hotter with each record...heh.
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