personal sketch #2

Another friend of mine possess the technical knowledge
and hands of a chief surgeon, lovingly restoring and
breathing new life into his work.

Yet he pimps himself to the god of vice, tries to 
explain the world the way he thinks it is, and feels 
guilty for not doing more.  He'll praise you and damn
you in the same sentence.  He'll praise and damn himself
in the same sentence.  Set hopelessly in his views,
he will not budge...such a tragic price to pay in youth.

Will he rise to the occasion, overcome his Campaign of
Pity, and become the creme de la creme?  Or will he forever
sap your feelings of pity, leaving you disinterested,
drained, and angry?

Written by T L Blastenbrei
(c) 1998 Screaming Notebook Publishing